Digital Moisture Balance

When the time came, in the 1980's, to bring electronics into the world of moisture measurement, CSC set stringent design criteria for a Digital Moisture Balance. The advantages and flexibility of using electronics were applied to provide users with programmable test completion, output printer capability and interface with computer systems. These operational elements of the instrument had to be applied to a platform defined by the CENCO Moisture Balance.

The CENCO has been a world standard for reliability, ease of use and durability for moisture measurement. The new capabilities of the electronic era were, in fact, incorporated into an electronic Digital Moisture Balance that met the standards of ruggedness, imperviousness to environment, simplicity of operation and repeatability set by the CENCOdigital moisture balance, while incorporating the flexibility of the electronic digital era.

These design credentials give the CSC Digital Moisture Balance a unique capability to be used in the production environment by non-technical personnel to perform moisture analysis.

It is simple to use, rugged and accurate. Because of this versatility, it is being used in both the laboratory and the production floor.

Some of the specific operating features include:

  • Three operational modes
  • Sample sizes from a few grams to 100 grams
  • Results to +/- 0.2 % moisture
  • Readouts in grams (g) - % moisture - % solids - % dry weight
  • On-site calibration checks with the included calibration weight
  • Printer ready
  • Output port for computer connection.

To run a test, the operator presses the tare button, loads the sample, closes the cover and presses the start button. The testing procedure is that simple; operators can be trained in minutes. See how in a video.


 For detailed specifications refer to the Digital Moisture Balance page here at our store.