Historically, moisture was measured by weighing a sample, drying it in an oven for several hours then weighing it again.

Then technology brought automatic weighing, direct reading moisture balances that spawned the current range of Loss-On-Drying (LOD) instruments.

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There are three units featured on this page:

  1. CENCO Moisture Balance
  2. CSC Digital Moisture Balance
  3. Praxis Moisture Balance

The first of these is the CENCO. This was the grand daddy of automatic LOD instruments.CENCO Moisture Balance It measures moisture from 0% to 100% moisture in increments of two tenths of a percent. It can test solids and liquids. It requires a sample size of five grams (5g). The sample is weighed as it is loaded.

This CENCO Moisture Balance is tough and stands up to abuse from its environment and untrained operators. There is no need for air-conditioned rooms or literate operators to do a moisture analysis. (Order Online)

The next instrument, the CSC Digital Moisture Balance, provides adjustments that permit optimization of the repeatability - test time compromise.

The CSC Digital Moisture Balance is built to withstand harsh conditions on the production floor. Using electronics to weight the samples and to read and transmit results gives the capability to analyze the moisture drying curve from printer tapes or directly on a computer. This can be used to adjust test parameters for optimum moisture test repeatability/time set up.

Running a moisture analysis with the CSC Digial Moisture Balance is a simple, three-step operation (Tare, Load, and Start). Production people can become competent at moisture testing in minutes.

Moisture analysis can be made from 0% to 100% moisture at +/- 0.2% for five gram samples. (Order Online) 

The new Praxis Moisture Balance is the last of the moisture balances CSC offers, and the newest addition to the catalogue.

The Praxis is a moisture balance suitable for the air-conditioned office. It is ideal for the occasional moisture content analysis test, and includes several programmed methods for testing a variety of products. (Order Online)

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If you are looking for a new moisture test or moisture measuring instrument, send us information about your product, process and and testing objectives. We will help you find the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

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