Moisture Analysis Equipment

A Wide Collection Of Moisture Measurement Instruments

This Moisture Section presents an array of moisture content analysis instruments. They cover the moisture testing methods of:

The rapidly growing measurement of Water Activity is a also part of this array of moisture instrumentation. 

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The Karl Fischer method is highly water specific.

This method is most useful when:

  • a product contains volatiles
  • bound moisture is present
  • detection of small amounts of moisture is needed

Particular applications for moisture content determination are petroleum, pharmaceutical, plastics, and complex chemicals. 

Coulometric and Volumetric Titrators

 Karl Fischer Ovens


 The Loss On Drying Method is widely used.

Loss On Drying (LOD) is the basis for many industry standards. Our range includes:

  • The fully mechanical and indestructible CENCO
  • The Digital Moisture Balance, designed to operate in production environments
  • The Praxis instrument is a  laboratory moisture balance 

Capacitance / Radio Frequency

These instruments are used where a quick test is needed.

Instruments in this category are calibrated for the specific products tested. They are particularly adapted to agricultural products such as:

  • Grain
  • Seeds
  • Coffee
More details click Capacitance - Radio Frequency.
NearInfra Red NIR at Line Moisture.png

Near Infra Red (NIR) In-Line Moisture Measurement 

Helps Control Quality

NIR technologies provide nearly instantaneous moisture content results. Easily adapted to:

  • In-line measurement
  • Real time feedback
  • Process control

Wide range of industries (agriculture, food processing and building materials). Also available for lab use.


Water Activity

- A Growing Measurement Need

Water activity (aw) is a critical factor in determining quality and safety of foods.

  • Shelf life
  • Texture,
  • Favor 
  • Color & Aroma
Four Models to Choose From.

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