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Now Offering Four Methods of Moisture Measurement

1. Loss on Drying

CSC Scientific's history in moisture content testing goes back to the late 1940's. That was when the first direct-reading moisture analysis meter was introduced. The meter became known as the CENCO Moisture Balance. It has been used and is still being used to determine moisture content in the food , chemical, pharmaceutical and construction industries. The moisture measurement concepts used in the CENCO have been updated in the digital Moisture Balance. At Loss on Drying you can view the details these moisture analysis instruments.

2. Indirect Dielectric/Radio Frequency Moisture Testing techniques

In the 1980's CSC began to offer moisture analysis equipment based on dielectric and radio frequency techniques. These moisture meters allow determination of moisture content in seconds instead of minutes. The first indirect instruments were supplied by Sinar Technology. These capacitance-based instruments are of particular utility for moisture measurement in agricultural products such as coffee, grains, and other biological products. In addition we offer radio frequency-based moisture meters and probes applicable to determining moisture content in such materials as wood pellets, powders and building materials. Recently added is the Wood Moisture Meter.

3. Karl Fischer Titration

In the 1990's CSC Scientific began it's development of instruments that use automatic titration for moisture measurement. The Aquapal III represents the current developments in moisture analysis that detects small amounts of water. The Karl Fischer method of coulometric titration has a wide application for moisture determination and moisture analysis in the power, petroleum, pharmaceutical and plastics industries. In order to serve the need of users of water-specific detection equipment, CSC offers a substantial selection of accessories and equipment that deal with the titration of moisture.

4. Near InfraRed (NIR) Laboratory and On-Line Moisture Measurement

The moisture detection and moisture analysis test equipment in the loss-on-drying, dielectric and Karl Fischer categories is especially suited for use in a laboratory or at process location. The need for on-line moisture measurement in a process or at a production line has has been growing. In 2008, CSC established an affiliation with the Moisture Register Products Division of Aqua Measure Instrument Company in order to offer on-line NIR, microwave and radio frequency moisture analyzers. These instrument are widely used for determining moisture content in the food, mining, and building materials industries. This link will get you to the On-Line Page.

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