Automatic Contact Angle Measurement

The Smart Contact 100 offers one-touch operation and easy mode selection without the need for a PC.

Included with the instrument is an Android tablet with a 5 megapixel camera that allows for measuring static and dynamic contact angles.

Excel and image data is easily shared with a PC via wifi or a micro USB cable

Automatic contact angle measurement prevents variance that is often found when taking manual measurements. 


  • Static, dynamic contact angle measurement L+R, averages
  • Time change measurement, graph display
  • Contact angle, operation method proximity law (automatic mode), The θ/2 method (manual mode)
  • Data output and storage (bmp, jpeg, csv)
  • Work size: 100×100 mm
  • Slant method, Back and forth contact angle


Measurement object maximum size 100 mm
The measurement range 0<θ< 180
Angle resolution 0.1 degrees
Contact angle operation method The tangent line method(Auto mode) , θ/2 method(Manual mode)
Stage size 80 x 80 mm
Camera 5 megapixel camera
OS Android 4.4
Outer dimensions W 190 x H 500 x D 330 mm
Accessories USB mini adapter AC100-240V50/60Hz0.25A backlight device
Options  Various adoption terminal | such as automatic dispenser, a lot of syringe needles, surface free energy analysis software, adsorption stage.

International Standards:

The Smart Contact 100 is designed for the following test methods.

  • ASTM D724, D5725, and D5946
  • ISO 15989
  • JIS R3257
Automatic Contact Angle Meter
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