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New Video - How To Do A Moisture Test

Written by Art Gatenby | Jan 18, 2012 6:13:00 PM


Merrifield, Va. – Jan. 9, 2012

CSC Scientific Releases New Video: “How to Run a Digital Moisture-Balance Test”


CSC Scientific, a manufacturer and distributor of moisture measurement instruments, has released a new video that succinctly illustrates its Digital Moisture Balance machine’s ease-of-use, ruggedness and accuracy. 

The current instrument can be used to measure moisture content in liquids and solids of a few grams to 100 grams. Accuracy is at +/- 0.2 percent moisture. It can be attached to a printer and interfaced to a computer. It will produce readouts yielding percentages of moisture and solids as well comparing initial to final weight. The CSC Digital Moisture Balance calibration settings can be periodically checked on-site with the included calibration weight. 

It can be operated in three modes:

  • Manually (with full operator control) to evaluate the product
  • Time (stopping the test after a pre-set time) to insure identical tests among multiple instruments
  • Automatic (stopping when test is completed) shutting down on optimal point on drying curve

The video demonstrates that the instrument can be used by non-technical personnel on the production floor under adverse conditions as well as being used in the laboratory with confidence by trained professionals. Regardless, the results will be reliably consistent within the advertised tolerances.


Contact CSC Scientific to determine the correct instrument for your application via email or phone 703-876-4030. 

These CSC Instruments are available from several of the laboratory supply dealers or directly from the CSC Scientific Company.


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