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CSC Announces Trade-In for discontinued Fisher Tensiomat Tensiometers

Written by Art Gatenby | Jan 18, 2012 6:13:00 PM

CSC Scientific Company, a manufacturer of surface tension measuring equipment announces a project for the trade-in of discontinued Fisher Tensiomat Tensiometers. 

The Fisher Tensiomat has been discontinued by Fisher Scientific for approximately two years.  Repair parts are no longer available creating concern  among Tensiomat owners for what happens if their unit fails. to help with this problem, CSC has instituted a new program which will trade-in any Tensiomat for either a CSC Precision Tensiometer or a CSC Interfacial Tensiometer.

The program offers an outstanding value on the new instruments. 

It was designed primarily to help owners of Fisher Tensiomats. The program has been extended to the trade-in of any brand tensiometer. This means that owners of any faulty tensiometer can take advantage of this special trade-in offer and get either of the CSC duNouy Tensiometers.

Click on the button to get details of this trade-in offer.

You can get more detail and specifications in the Surface Tension section of our web site.

Addition information is also available at CSC Scientifiic On-Line Store.