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CSC Offering Praxis Moisture Balance for Controlled Environments

Written by Art Gatenby | Jun 3, 2013 4:53:00 PM

CSC Scientific produces the CSC Digital Moisture Balance, renowned for its abilities to work in touch environments. To supplement the Digital, CSC is now offering the Praxis Moisture Balance for moderate requirements.

Fairfax, VA (PRWEB) June 03, 2013

Since the 1940’s CSC Scientific has produced moisture analyzers that operated on the Loss-On-Drying principle. These initial analyzers, known as the CENCO Moisture Balances, gained a reputation as the toughest, most durable Loss-On Drying moisture analyzer in the World. The CENCOS were nearly indestructible and could work in any environment.

With the event of reliable electronic balances in the 1980’s, CSC Scientific started to investigate for approaches to build a moisture analyzer based on these developments. A moisture analyzer that could produce reliable results in the toughest of manufacturing environments was the objective.

The CSC Digital Moisture Balance was the result. By the mid 1990’s this product matured to be a rugged electronic moisture balance, rivaling the reputation of the original CENCO. The Company applied the newest electronic developments to the Digital, to further improve performance and toughness. It became recognized by many users as the World’s toughest Loss-On-Drying moisture analyzer.

Many of the Company’s followers have a need for a less rigorous instrument for occasional moisture determinations and in more controlled environments. Consequently CSC is now offering the Praxis Moisture Balance. The Praxis makes it easy to change test parameters, which characteristic is useful when numerous products need a quick test.