Texture Analyzer

Texture Analysis Made Easy (and Repeatable!)

The TX-700 measures the response of a sample to a compressive or tensile force (a probe descending into and ascending from a sample), both as a function of time. 

The Texture Analyzer can run the following tests:

  • Compression
  • Texture Profile Analysis (TPA)
  • Puncture & Penetration
  • Cutting and Shearing
  • Fracture & Bending
  • Extrusion (Forward & Backward)
  • Tension
  • Adhesion

This instrument offers a temperature probe to monitor the temperature of your product during testing, and the option of temperature control. It can be used with (or without) software that allows you to control the test via computer, but the 7" touchscreen also provides easy test programming and data viewing. 

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User's Choice

There is a large variety of probes and cells available for this instrument. All are interchangeble, so you can run many different kinds of tests with one instrument. Talk to us about your product and the kind of test you want to run, because we may be able to find you a solution beyond what is listed on our website. 

Is Texture Analysis Right for You?

We Can Help You Decide

The Tex'an Touch Texture Analyzer is a great tool for QA testing, but it might not be the right instrument for the kind of analysis you want to do. If you want to know if the Tex'an will work for your application, or need help deciding which probes and cells you need to test your product, please contact us today. Fill out the form below or call 800-621-4778. 

We believe in the personal touch. When you contact us, you'll talk to a real person who cares about helping you find the best solution for your company.

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