Automatic Sieve Test Results at the Touch of a Button

The CSC Sieve Analyzer

The Old Way of Sieve Testing Analysis and Why It Doesn't Work

From ancient times to the present day, the results of a sieve analysis test have been recorded as the amount of material that is retained on each sieve used in the test. This result is usually expressed as the weight or percent retained. If needed, the amount of test material that passed through each sieve is calculated from these results.

The original process required emptying the material from each sieve onto a balance and recording the weight. These weights were used to calculate the retained amounts and percentages – standard for a sieve analysis test. It was a tedious and error-prone process.

With the advent of smart electronic balances and small computers, some relief from this process has been achieved in the lab. But the totally automatic sieve testing systems that have become available are comparatively high-cost. 

The Machine that Makes Sieve Analysis Easier, Faster, and More Accurate Than Ever Before

The CSC Sieve Analyzer changes this landscape. This instrument is a self-contained sieve analysis machine. It can be used in the lab and on the production floor. Therefore, it can serve the need of occasional sieve testing as well as 24/7 production requirements.

It is so simple to use – once an empty sieve stack of sieves has been programmed into the machine (this analyzer remembers previously programmed sieve stacks) all you need to do after running your sample in a sieve shaker is take a sieve from the sieve stack, place it on the Sieve Analyzer, press start, wait a second for the beep, and repeat with the next sieves. This process drastically reduces training time for new employees and is as close to fool-proof as we could get.

The sieve test results are displayed on the graphics screen and can be printed on a local printer or transferred via USB to a computer or LIMS system.

The Sieve Analyzer stores the characteristics of each sieve in a stack and calculates the total weight of the sample, which does away with the need to weigh each sample before starting the shaking process.

We feel that the CSC Sieve Analyzer is an important addition to the calculation, adding validity to the sieving process. Customers have found the Analyzer indispensable to their production process.

The Value of Automatic Results

Why is the automatic calculation and analysis of sieve test results valuable?

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