In-Line Moisture
Measurement and Control

On-Line Moisture Measurement and Control There is a debate about whether continuous moisture measurement systems and equipment should be referred to as in-line or in-line. We have chosen to take sides and use the term in-line. This is about in-line moisture detection, moisture measurement and moisture control. If one or more of the following three conditions exist at your facility, you are a candidate for in-line moisture detection, measurement and control.

  1. You have a continuous process that can be controlled by adjusting a variable such as heat, speed, an additive, etc. to control to preset moisture levels.
  2. The output of the process is improved by tight control of moisture. That could be taste, color, smooth running process, size and the like.
  3. The economic impact of controlling moisture in the process is significant (lost product, high cost rework, customer returns).

For these circumstances the first step in gaining control of your process moisture is the continuous detection and determination of moisture levels. This is the base of any control system. With a reliable measurement of moisture, the effectiveness of actions taken to control moisture levels, (actions such as temperature changes, conveyor speed, ingredient additions and the like) can be determined and adjusted.

NIR (Near Infra Red) Technology is one of the technologies effective in meeting these measurement criteria. The graphic shown here is a simplified characterization of a NIR application. We have affiliated with Finna Sensors Products to supply NIR, Microwave and RF Dielectric equipment for in-line moisture measurement and control. Finna Sensors, formerly known as Moisture Register, is one of the oldest and most reliable manufacturers of moisture analysis equipment using these techniques. Through this long experience the equipment has been adapted to real world process conditions and has been advanced to meet a wide range of industry applications.

Through this partnership with Finna Sensors, we offer a full array of in-line moisture measurement and moisture analysis instruments using NIR, Microwave, and RF Dielectric technologies. This range of measurement techniques combined with a selection of controllers is the base for tailoring the appropriate sensor to effectively measure moisture in the materials used by your process.

With no obligation we will analyze the potential of in-line moisture measurement and moisture control in your process. Simply call us at (800) 621-4778 or fill in the information on the right and ask for the preliminary analysis form.