Cenco Mechanical Moisture Balance

The CSC Mechanical Moisture Balance has become world renowned for fast and accurate readings of the percent moisture content in a variety of substances. The wide selection of heat ranges allows optimum drying of diverse materials without sample damage. The CENCO eliminates error while providing direct readings of moisture content. There is no calculating or special training needed to use this dependable equipment.

The Mechanical Moisture Balance is the best cost performance moisture measurement method for most materials. Its portability makes it convenient to be used in the lab, on the production line or even in the field. The Mechanical Moisture Balance rapidly determines the percent moisture of materials ranging from food products to chemicals, plastics, and ceramics.

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No calculations needed.
No special training needed.

Simultaneous weighing & drying – saves time.

Wide selection of heat ranges allows optimum drying of diverse materials without sample damage.

Allows fine tuning to individual testing needs. Multiple testing modes and temperature settings.

Increases precision and is adaptable to critical moisture and solids testing. Readable to 0.1% moisture and solids.

So rugged they didn't realize how long it had been running without service...

An angry customer called to complain about the quality of his Cenco Moisture Balance.

He said: "My CENCO broke and it was not a quality instrument".

It turned out he had been using the CENCO Moisture Balance, 24/7 for more than 30 years and this was the first time it had needed service.

30+ years old and still going strong. That's quality.

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