Lab Moisture Measurement

The MCPC Lab Moisture Analyzer uses radio frequency technology for quick testing of gathered process samples. The range of products that can be analyzed for moisture content include most foods, nuts, chemicals, aggregates and building materials. It’s also certified for almonds by the State of California.


Moisture Analysis on a PC

This instrument is compatible with PCs. The MCPC includes menu-driven software which captures moisture test results, analyzes trends and stores moisture data for later analysis.

Radio Frequency Moisture Detection

The instrument uses radio frequency energy which penetrates the material being tested. The test result is based on the total sample.

It normally operates on a two-point calibration. Two samples of known moisture (One sample at the high end of the range and one sample at the low end of the range) are used to set up a calibration.

This calibration relates the internal instrument reading to moisture. Thus the instrument provides a reading in percent (%) moisture. If the range of moisture to be tested is wide, calibration tolerance can be enhanced by using up to seven samples. Calibrations for up to 99 different products can be stored in the MCPC.



The MCPC also has a precision load cell. This cell, combined with a fixed volume sample cup, provides the means to generate the weight-based moisture percentages and an added bonus of specific gravity (0.1g/cc to 1.2g/cc) and density measurements.

The capacity of the load cell is 200 grams. For best results, sample particles should be less than 2.5cm (1").

The test time from loading the instrument to a reading is less than 5 seconds. Accuracy over a range of 0 to 30% moisture is +/- 0.2%.

Moisture Testing Applications

This non-destructive moisture test is used to measure moisture in powders, chips, granules, flakes, pellets, nuts and more. It is used to meet moisture measuring need in the food processing, building materials, construction, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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We’ve affiliated with the creator of the MCPC, Finna Sensors, to supply industry-leading moisture measurement equipment. Finna Sensors is a trusted solution in agriculture, food processing, energy, mining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, building material and many other applications around the world.

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