Test the Moisture Content of Wood Products

The Model DC-2000 Wood Moisture Meter is designed and calibrated to test the moisture content of wood products. It is easy to operate. Even personnel with limited technical skill can be trained to use the DC-2000 in minutes.

The Model DC-2000 has two built-in 7/16" needles. The needles are driven into the wood. Moisture content is determined by measuring the electrical resistance between the needles.

This Wood Moisture Meter reads the wettest portion of the wood rather than averaging the moisture content. When several readings are taken along the wood sample, moisture gradients or wet streaks can be detected.

The DC-2000 is equipped with Auto-Ranging. Auto-Ranging means you do not have to change instrument settings to compensate for large moisture differences.

The instrument measures moisture in the range of 5% to 65% moisture.

DC 2000 Wood Moisture MeterIt also has a species selector. That makes it easier to use when the materials to be tested span a range of wood species.

Except for wide variations of temperature of unusual species of wood, the moisture readings do not have to be corrected. This saves the hassle of using correction tables and calibration charts.

The DC-2000 is rugged. It will fit in a pocket and only weighs 8 ounces. The LCD display reads directly in moisture content percent (%) without the need for correction.

This is all possible because of a micro-controller that compensates for temperature and species variations.

This wood moisture meter operates on a single standard 9-volt battery.

Please tell us the details of your moisture application (product, moisture range, species) and we will advise you of the suitability of the DC-2000 Wood Moisture Meter.

Simply fill out the form on the right and put the information in the comments section or call us at 800-621-4778. You may also email us at testsolution@cscscientific.com.

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DC2000 Wood Moisture Meter

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