Special Fall Pricing on the DA 130-N

The DA 130-N is an affordable density meter that will get you the results you need. From now until November 30, 2018, get the Portable Density Meter for just $1999 - a savings of nearly $1000! 

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This handheld instrument lets you take your test to your sample, no sample vials involved! The instrument weighs less than 1 lb and has approximately 90 hours battery life. 

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Instant Results

Get an instant, clear readout wherever it is you run your test. A digital screen gives you the exact number, so you don't have to squint and guess.

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Internal Data Storage

Store up to 1100 results directly on the instrument. No pen and paper required!

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The Portable Density Meter has an accuracy of ±0.001g/cm3.

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Test for Density, API, Boume, Temperature-Compensated Density, Brix, Plato, Specific Gravity(t/t), Alcohol, Proof, Specific Gravity, H2SO4, and Conc. You can also program your own scale. 

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Data Transfer

Easily transfer test data to a computer via infrared communications port (conforming to IrDA Ver. 1.2), or conversion to RS-232C output (optional parts required).

It's never been a better time to get a new density meter. From now until November 30, take advantage of our Fall Savings Promotion, and get the DA 130-N Portable Density Meter for just $1999 - a savings of nearly $1000!

Never rely on a bobbing hydrometer again. The handheld DA 130-N lets you take a sample directly from whatever container holds your product and provides results on a digital screen in real time.

Because its measurements are based on a basic specific gravity measurement of the sample, it can convert the results to the scale you are used to – Density, Brix, API, Proof, etc. Tailored, personalized concentration formulas can also be created and stored.

You don’t need to have pencil and paper at hand when you conduct your test. The DA 130-N will let you store the data of up to 1,100 tests! Use your computer’s infrared communication port to download the data (conforms to IrDA Ver. 1.2) or get an optional RS232 adapter for direct connection.

No need to syphon samples of your product and transport them to a laboratory for evaluation. This handheld instrument lets you test anywhere, any time. That means you can get results in real time. The DA 130-N also makes it quick and easy to transition between products and batches.

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