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Sieve Test Results Simplified

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Art Gatenby on Oct 28, 2019 12:00:00 PM

The CSC Sieve Analyzer

The CSC Sieve Analyzer was designed to deliver a record of a sieve test results, eliminate operator error and significantly reduce the time to process and calculate these results.


Since ancient times until current days, outcomes of sieve tests have been recorded as the amount of material that is retained on each sieve used; usually expressed as the weight or percent retained.  Some applications use the amount passed as an alternative.

The original process requires the emptying the material in each sieve onto a balance and recording the weight. These weights are used to calculate the retained amounts and percentages….  A tedious and error prone process.

Changes with the CSC Sieve Analyzer

With the advent of smart electronic balances and small computers some relief from this process has been achieved in the lab. Also totally automatic, comparatively high cost, systems are available.

The CSC Sieve Analyzer changes this landscape.  This instrument is aCSC Sieve Analyzer self-contained sieve analysis machine.  It can be used in the lab and on the production floor.  Therefore, it can serve the needs of occasional sieving as well as 24/7 production requirements.

It is this simple to use

–        take a sieve off  the stack  place it on the Sieve Analyzer,  

–        press start,

–        wait a second for the beep and

–        get the next sieve

 The Sieve Analyzer almost totally eliminates training and is as close to fool proof that we could get. 

Since our first beta test units were delivered, the test evaluators would not return the units because the Sieve Analyzer out-performed their wildest expectations in saving money and time and eliminating errors, customers have found the CSC Sieve Analyzer an indispensable tool.

Test results are displayed on the graphics screen and can be printed on a local printer or sent to a computer or LIMS system.

It stores the characteristics of each sieve in a stack and calculates the total weight of the sample. This does away with the need to weigh samples before starting the shaking process.

We feel that the CSC Sieve Shaker is an important addition to the productivity and data integrity of any sieving process.

Check out this video.


I know that if you use it you will be as excited as we are about the CSC sieve Analyzer.  If you would like to see how this instrument will save time and money and enhance your sieving operation join us for 15 minutes of analysis with a sieving consultant.

Please forward this to those colleagues who live with problems of sieve test analysis.

This time I’m not necessarily befuddled, just excited


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