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Replacement for Discontinued Fisher Tensiomat© Tensiometer

Written by Art Gatenby | Apr 29, 2011 9:59:00 PM


Merrifield, Va. – Apr. 29, 2011


CSC Scientific Announces Replacement for Discontinued Fisher Tensiomat© Tensiometer


CSC Scientific, a manufacturer and distributor of surface tension analysis products, announces a replacement for the now-discontinued Fischer Scientific Tensiomat© surface tension tensiometer. Any user who requires a new instrument or a repair of an existing instrument should contact us. The CSC Precision Tensiometer and Interfacial Tensiometer models are direct replacements.


After long deliberation, Fisher Scientific has discontinued its Tensiomat© surface tension tensiometer, which has been produced for decades.

CSC Scientific has produced tensiometers since the 1950s. These perform the same tests and are a direct replacement for the Tensiomat©. The CSC models are the called the Precision and Interfacial Tensi

ometers. The difference between the CSC tensiometers is:

Precision Tensiometer - Readings are obtained from an upward pull through the sample.

Interfacial Tensiometer – Readings can be obtained from an upward pull or a downward push

The CSC Interfacial Tensiometer is needed when calculating interfacial tension between a less-dense fluid and a heaver one located below the interface. The ring is rigidly attached to the measuring arm to obtain a downward measurement. We also recommend the Interfacial Tensiometer when the tested material is a thick liquid. This makes it easier to set up the ring below the liquid surface.

A key component of any of these instruments is the duNouy ring, which is a precision device made of a platinum-based alloy. The rings are manufactured utilizing special forming and welding techniques unique to this alloy and can be used with existing Fisher Tensiomat© units.

CSC Scientific has produced these rings for more than 50 years.

We offer long-time users service and repair of these discontinued Fisher Scientific Tensiomat© units and will do so as long as replacement parts are available. The duNouy rings are fragile and are frequently dropped, misshapen or broken. CSC Scientific has maintained a ring repair service for many years and will repair Fisher-supplied rings..

Either the CSC Precision or the CSC Interfacial Tensiometers can be used as direct replacements for the Tensiomat©.. Contact CSC Scientific to determine the correct tensiometer for your application via email or phone 703-876-4030.

These CSC Instruments are available from several of the laboratory supply dealers or directly from the CSC Scientific Company.


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