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Capacitance & Moisture *** What is It? *** Why Should You Care?

Written by Art Gatenby | Jan 4, 2016 8:54:31 PM

As people who measure moisture, we at CSC Scientific work to find the best technique.

What is the best moisture measurement technique? The answer is, “It Depends.”

As part of our series on the basics of our instruments' operation and applications, we are adding this examination of Capacitance and its use in moisture analysis. This short video includes a simple discourse on the fundamentals of Capacitance and its principal uses in moisture determination.

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It always helps me deal my ongoing bewilderment with the testing world to define the basics of any segment. We hope that this video helps you or your associates to better understand the use of capacitance in moisture analysis.


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P.P.S  To find out more about Capacitance and Moisture click on the image.