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It Was Still Running

Posted by Art Gatenby on Aug 17, 2009 1:26:00 PM

As part of our line of moisture measurement instruments, we produce a Karl Fischer titrator, We call it the Aquapal. The heart of the Aquapal is a series sophisticated electronics. Its purpose is to measure small amounts of moisture.

When it’s new it looks like this:

We work hard to meet a couple of objectives when we design and produce test equipment.

Making the instruments easy to use is one of these objective. Another significant objective is to provide designs that will withstand tough operating environments.

One of our dealers, related a situation that made us feel that we have achieved some success with the second objective.

On their blog they tell the story of a sorry looking Aquapal they received because the owner thought that it might need a calibration.

Here is what it looked like.

I think I might want it checked. —— How about you?

The fact is it was still running and meeting a tight moisture detection tolerance.

You might like to read the story —“The Ugly Aquapal That Could“.

I think we partially met the objective of operating in a tough environment. Do you think so?


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