Portable Germination Analyzer

The Sinar GermPro 7010 is a fast and simple tool for measuring the enzymatic activity in germs or embryos of grain kernels and seeds. It uses an accelerated vacuum reactor to promote a reaction that occurs when naturally-occuring enzymes in grains come into contact with a tetrazolium salt solution. When a grain capable of sustaining germination comes into contact with the solution, the instrument stains the germ red. By examining the amount of red-stained grains, it is easy to determine the sample's germinative capacity.

The GermPro’s portable, rugged construction means that this analysis can be carried out anywhere that grain is tested, in the store, at the dockside, or in a grain laboratory. 


  • Accelerated vacuum process reduces testing time
  • Test two samples simultaneously
  • Portable
  • Built-in timer
  • Robust reliable construction
  • Easy to use

Product Specifications

  • Power: Switchable from 110V – 240V
  • Temperature Control: To 0.5 °C
  • Built-in timer: To 0.1 of a minute (6s)
  • Supplied with power cable, hand vacuum pump & manual.
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