Capacitance Based Moisture Instruments

Capacitance Based Moisture Instruments This line of moisture sensors is based on principles of electro detection of moisture. Capacitance, other dielectric constants and radio frequency are the techniques used in these moisture detectors. The time for a test can be as little as six seconds.

These moisture meters are used in several configurations. The most common is where you load the material into a hopper, press a button and the moisture test is initiated and completed in seconds.

The Sinar capacitance based hand-held and portable bench-top moisture meters include these items:

  • The AP Model is a Portable Bench-Top Moisture Analyzer.
  • The AgriPro Model is a Hand-Held Moisture Meter that contains 7 product calibrations.

Bench Top Analyzer

Capicatance Moisture Meter
Sinar Portable

Sinar AgriPro

Capacitance based moisture probe
Hand Held Meter

The third item is this group is a Moisture Probe useful for sampling the moisture in storage bins or storage piles.

Moisture Probe The Moisture Probe is used to penetrate into a stack, pile or holding container. The probe acts as a moisture detector at various levels in the stack of material. A single reading can be used as a quick go-no-go evaluation, or readings can be taken at varying depths to get moisture profiles.

The radio frequency, dielectric and capacitance moisture sensors offer the fastest and most convenient solution for measuring moisture content in many materials. For example the design concept of the Sinar bench-top models is based on the simultaneous sensing of capacitance, weight and temperature of the sample being tested, providing accurate moisture readings in only a few seconds!

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