We Have Whisper Quiet Sieve Shakers

You may have had the experience of using a RoTap® with it's loud banging noise.

Shaker Sam claims that earplugs were invented for people who operate RoTaps®.

This whirling dervish of a machine creates a horde of big loud ear piercing bangs and crashes every second or two. When it starts every one without earplugs leaves the lab for a sieve test induced -- coffee break. To create this violent bang - crash motion and sound the shaker puts world-class stress on its mechanical parts. Guess what happens, as you know .....they break a lot.

Sam says, "There're bad for the heath of lab people and a significant time waster."

The Alternatives Are Growing.

An historic solution to the big noise was the original Meinzer Sieve Shaker developed and CSC Scientific. This quiet machine became a work horse for many Sieve shaker applications.

The EPA Become Concerned About Noise In the WorkPlace and ISO Started to Accelerate.

At about the same time that the EPA started to look at noise in the workplace, the ISO quality wave hit.

The Octagon was produced to meet the stringent reproducibility requirements of ISO and it was a whisper Quiet antidote to the EPA noise concerns.

Using digital means to control rotational and vertical performance the Octagon is easily set up to reproduce results obtained from a Ro-Tap® and nearly every other type of Sieve Shaker.

The design concept uses electromagnetic technology. Endecotts gave the Octagon a wide range of particle rotation, a big scope of particle bounce heights and a simulated but quiet tap. In trial after trial, comparative test after comparative test the Octagon has matched and matched and matched the results from the RoTap®.

The Octagon can replace your current ear splitting bang - crash sieve shaker with a whisper quiet test protocol. Imagine having a phone conversation while a sieve test is in progress. You can even listen to (and hear) music.

Gone are the earplugs and the -- sieve test induced -- coffee breaks. It protects the hearing of your lab people, cuts down wasted time and provide fast reproducible results.

A further bonus --- No moving Parts --- No Maintenence

Now if you remember ---- the bang - crash stress breaks shaker parts. The Octagon has none of that --- no moving parts. That's right a whisper quiet match of sieve test results with no moving parts.
As close as you can get to a maintenance free operation.

You don’t even have to bolt it down !!

It'salso easy to load and unload !!

Octagon Success Breeds A Quiet Economy Model

Analysis of the success, over a 30-year period, of the original Meinzer shaker in solving many of the straightforward sieve testing problems pointed to the opportunities for modernization. In collaboration with Endecotts, we developed a new economy shaker built on the electromagnetic foundation of the Octagon.

A new quiet shaker was born …. Known as the Meinzer II. Operating on the same principles of matching official and de facto standards, maintaining data integrity with historical records and operating with a whisper quiet soundlessness.

Sam Says "Don't Be Afraid Quiet Will Work."

On Application after application, standards and results have been matched and the Whisper Quiet Octagon has replaced the bang-crash model. Not only has the Digital Octagon, with its infinite adjustability been replacing the bang - crash but its Meinzer II offspring has shown an unexpected capacity to do the same on tough applications.

In fact the Florida Geological Survey (FGS) conducted an exhaustive comparison of the Ro Tap and the Meinzer II. Based on the study results FGS conluded:

“RoTap® and Meinzer II shakers result in insignificantly different outcomes.”

Remember in comparative test after comparative test the Octagon duplicates the RoTap® results and the Meinzer II follows the same course.

Shaker Sam would like to review one more time ......

These shakers

  • Protect Your Hearing
  • Cause Shaker Maintenance to Plummet to Near Zero
  • Maintain Integrity and Comparability of Historical and Current Sieve Test Results
  • Produce ISO Level reproducibility
  • Get to end points in the optimum time.
  • Provide operational ease
  • Accomodate 3 inch to 8 inch diameter sieves.

With the Octagon or the Meinzer II you get all these operational rewards in a quiet maintenance free sieve shaker.

If you wish to discuss the application of either the Octagon or the Meinzer II to your operation, call me at 1-800-621-4778 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE 1-800-621-4778end_of_the_skype_highlighting or FAX me at 1-703-280-5142 or Email me at shaker_sam@cscscientific.com.

You can order on Line at our web store.

Thank you for your interest and your visit. I hope we have the opportunity to deliver to you a quiet trouble-free environment for your sieve testing.

With my warmest regards,

Shaker Sam


We Have Whisper Quiet Sieve Shakers